Garden Group Visits and Talks
Why not bring your Garden Club on a visit to the nursery and gardens?

We have over the last few years given many guided tours around the nursery display beds.
These tours are available in the months of July, August and September in the daytime or what has proved to be very popular an early evening visit.  What better time to see grasses at their best when the summer light of a setting sun is shining through them (but bring your umbrellas just in case!)

We are hap
py to accommodate small gardening groups as well as coach parties touring the locality. There is ample parking for either a coach or a large number of cars.

The tour includes not only a talk about the plants but the planting combinations and most important of all the use of ornamental grasses within the established border.

Jane will also give a brief history of Severals Grange Smallholding and how the garden has evolved from a bare field  since 1992.

Tea and coffee can be provided for a small charge, while the party wanders around the extensive nursery sales area. Why not organise a picnic with your group. A limited number of tables and chairs can be provided. WC on site.

Or..... We can bring a Talk to your Garden Group.

We bring a power point presentation called 'Hoecroft thru' the Seasons' to your group. It is a photographic journey through the changing seasons in the established gardens of Hoecroft Plants, also a little history of how the nursery came to be at Severals Grange and of course information about planting combinations and growing grasses in the border. We will bring a selection of  plants with us.

Talks visiting your group can be arranged between the months of  October through until March, please ring 01326 684206.