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           Jane Lister, proprietor

Please note our email address has  changed to

This website will stay live and continue to update people on the progress we are making to convert the nursery sales area into garden, which we hope to open to the public in the future.




Garden Visits

The Garden is now closed while work continues to break down the nursery.








Please note the nursery has now ceased to trade.

We would like to thank all our customers over the years for all their support and custom.

We would also like to thank everyone for their kind wishes and cards.






Why not try a holiday in the lovely county of Norfolk.

The Small Barn is available through out the year.


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25th Anniversary Year


August  2017

National Garden Scheme Day

With your help this is the sum raised on Sunday afternoon


As usual there is always a worry with the weather!
This season has brought torrential rain and high winds and every time it has happened we walk out to the garden in fear and trepidation. Not more so than on wednesday last week when the wind and rain was coming from the north, hitting the new beds! But amazingly everything survived!

As this was our last NGS opening for awhile we really wanted this to be special occasion and it did not disappoint. The day started with lovely warm sun and thank heavens no wind!

Four hundred and fifty people came to enjoy the garden and sample some absolutely gorgeous cakes.

It was so lovely for people to be able wander around the garden and sit and enjoy a cup of tea








25th Anniversary of
Hoecroft Plants at Severals Grange

2017 marks the 25th anniversary of Hoecroft Plants at Severals Grange. It is hard to believe that 25 years ago the present nursery site was just a bare field with nothing except brambles and nettles to look at.

the beginning of the nursery entrance

In 1992 Hoecroft was already an established name in the nursery world and very much the leading light in introducing grasses into the country. With a place already secured in the floral marquee at Chelsea for that May, it was to become a steep learning curve for me, a full time PE teacher! But with plenty of help from friends, my parents and guidance from Nigel we came through with flying colours and a silver gilt medal.

starting to lay out the barrier against the north wind!


laying the nursery out in the mud!


Of course it was a challenge but a very enjoyable one and that feeling has never diminished over the 25 years.

gravel area

The gardens have really matured beautifully and given both myself and my team great pleasure but more importantly they have inspired many of our customers and even changed some peoples minds about grasses!

south facing border

gold and bronze!

Unfortunately the work required to keep the nursery stock and the grounds looking good is extremely tough and very time consuming and so the decision has been made to make it '25 and out' to use  cricketing terminology.
We  intend to make 2017 a busy and eventful year and to go out with a bang!

This of course opens the door for other opportunities and the time spent watering and weeding pots of plants can be transferred to other passions and projects.

All these differing parts of the garden have served to inspire customers and help them solve problems in their own gardens.

In later years we have provided designs and plans for many customers. Using the garden and its plants as an example of what can be created in larger and smaller forms. This is an area we relish and will continue to develop in the future.

We hope to see many of our customers and new ones in this our last year as a retail nursery.




We are delighted to be featuring Julia Rafferty on Brenda's blog page with her lovely camera skills

Brenda's Photography Blog

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While people relaxed in the garden, the helpers in the car park were manfully coping with all the cars arriving and enjoying playing on their walkie talkies! ( a great asset for directing cars to fill in gaps)



We cannot thank enough all those people who donated cakes for this occasion they have always been so supportive and this year really excelled themselves.



Of course we could not possible manage this day without all the helpers. Last year one of them got blisters running backwards and forwards with dirty and clean cups! So more helpers had to be magic-ed up!( health and safety and all that!!)

Altogether there were twenty helpers and they worked their socks off making sure everything ran as smoothly as possible.
Thank you also to Julia Rafferty for her lovely pictures of the day

We would like to thank everyone who came to support us and enjoyed both the garden and teas.
We would especially like to thank all our helpers who come back every year to help with every bit of organisation on the day.
 We couldn't do it with out you all!













Hoecroft was originally owned by a family friend,Nigel Taylor a leading authority on ornamental grasses in the country. The nursery originally started out in Norfolk and then Nigel moved to the west country where he later made the decision to sell up. It was Mums idea to take it over and Severals was the ideal location.


the nursery taking shape


The early years were very much focused on a mail order service but as the nursery grew in both size and reputation, more and more customers wanted to visit.

A leylandii hedge planted around the nursery as protection

It was obvious from the start that introducing grasses into the garden was for some people going to be a strange thing to do. So it became clear that developing the gardens around the nursery to demonstrate how this could be done was  key to the future of the nursery.


summer border


Miscanthus Nepalensis



In 2012  to celebrate twenty years of the nursery here at Severals we developed a new area beyond the shelter belt trees. The planting in this area was of grasses and perennials only and in much bigger swathes.
It was to prove a great success both for us and for our customers, providing a totally different feeling. Soft grasses mingled with perennials in three island beds. 

rasses and perennial island beds