Well I seem to have hit the 21st century at last, blog sounded much better than ramble! The idea sprung from a visit to the garden by an enthusiastic photographer, who kindly sent his pictures via flickr. They were lovely and a different take on my own approach, so the idea of chatting about photography and inviting guest photographers onto the site sprang forth. My own photography started years ago with a film camera, hopeless pictures and never getting out of auto! So I thought, buy a digital camera have some lessons and learn to take pictures properly! It was a revelation and the start of an all consuming hobby. My first love is the beautiful landscape that we live in but with a website to provide pictures for I had to start learning how to take flower pictures.
           Words are always a sound medium to describe an object or tell a story but there is still room for the reader to imagine. When we see a film after reading the book we are often  disappointed, but a picture (as long as it has NOT been photo-shopped to excess) can be a description as well as an emotive image. I hope that I have tried to show the viewer the beauty of the plant  while not forgetting  to provide an adequate descriptive image.
As with gardeners, I have found photographers a happy group of people willing to share their successes and tips and I thank everyone I have met through this great hobby.

I am delighted to introduce Clive Dunn as the guest photographer. Clive came to the nursery earlier in the year and took some lovely pictures of plants in the garden. We got chatting as you do! Clive is a very keen photographer who has his own website and flickr site. Along with taking flower and garden shots he is a keen landscape photographer.

Here are some of his photographs.

Thank you to Clive for sharing his pictures with us. If you would like to see more of his work go to